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7 Mother/Daughter Dates for Summer

7 Mother/Daughter Dates for Summer

on Jun 17, 2016

When my two almost-flown daughters land at my house for the summer, it is a new era in mother/daughter coexistence. They have their lives, I have mine. (I also have my own favorite yoga pants, which I’m determined to keep track of. I’m watching you, girls.) We romanticize about how it will feel having them home, but summer is far from a Gilmore Girls episode.

To guarantee we have some fun time between the fights about the laundry, my daughters and I decided we should plan some fun one-on-one time – out of the house, where a mom is so easily distracted by the things her daughters promised to do yesterday. My daughters recommended some mother/daughter dates. Check out what my girls have come up with!

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Do Your Laundry or You'll Die Alone

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